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At Spithami Holiday Houses you can, first and foremost, rest, take a sauna, swim in the pond and sea, heat up the barrel sauna and besides, why not make jam or smoke fish in the outdoor kitchen? You can also play ball or rent a bicycle and go for a good ride around the neighbourhood.

In the immediate vicinity one can visit near and populous beaches in Roosta or Peraküla, replenish food supplies in Nõva or Dirhami shop, have an adventure in the Roosta Adventure Park or refresh oneself in Summer Café Dirhami, Café Teeristi, Saare manor Café or Roosta restaurant. Visiting a Saare manor museum or Peraküla Farm Museum might also be of interest to you. Subject to prior agreement it’s possible to undertake a travel to the near island Osmussaar as well as go horse riding at Mars Horse Farm in Riguldi.