How to reach us from Tallinn

1. Drive from Tallinn along Haapsalu highway towards Haapsalu.

2. Drive through Palivere, through Võntküla and you will arrive at a big crossroads. In front of a crossroads you will see a signpost “Dirhami, Pürksi, Linnamäe” pointing to the right.

3. At a crossroads turn right and drive straight ahead, drive through Linnamäe and straight ahead again.

4. When the road splits into two, drive along left road towards Dirhami (signpost reads “Dirhami 10”).

5. Some time later a sign “Rooslepa kabel ja kalmistu” will appear on right side of the road, turn right following the sign.
Rooslepa kabel

6. On the left road verge you will see a signpost “Spithami 6” pointing to the right, drive in the direction shown.
Drive in the direction shown

7. Drive through the village along an asphalt road and you will find yourself soon on the gravel road.

8. Soon a sign “Tallinn 119, Nõva 10” will appear.
Soon a sign “Tallinn 119, Nõva 10” will appear

9. Turn right into the Uuejõe tee (Uuejõe road) and drive straight ahead.
Uuejõe road

10. Soon a crossroads will appear, turn at it to the right!
Turn at it to the right!

Drive 100 meters and you are there!